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Inside Videography » 2012 » October
October 15th, 2012 by Joel Hietanen

This year we attended the ACR2012 North American conference hosted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada – and brought with us not one but two videos exploring the relationship of the moving image and ‘neomaterial’ philosophies (practice theory and non-representational theory).

We’re happy to announce that the more extensive project, an adapted verison of Karolus Viitala’s Master’s thesis on the video medium received the People’s Choice award!

Overall the quality of videographic work in consumer research is certainly on the rise. Not only in terms of technicality and aesthetics, but also regarding the thoretical orientation of the works shown.

So here’s to the Film Festival track! And thanks again, especially to Jeff Murray, Randy Rose, Alex Rose, Marcus Giesler and many others for making the event another thrill ride…

And, before I forget, here’s the film by Karolus and myself.

See us also on the MediaMark initiative’s web site (in Finnish). We’d like to thank MediaMark and especially Pekka Mattila for all his generous support!

At the ACR with Jeff Murray

October 15th, 2012 by Joel Hietanen

Now that I finally received my paperwork from the long (and typical) University process I thought I’d share with you guys the following little tidbit of a news item.

My PhD student days seem over now, as I successfully defended my dissertation ‘Videography in Consumer Research: An Account of Essence(s) and Production’ against my honorable opponents professor Russell Belk (York University) and professor Jeff Murray (University of Arkansas). Russ, in addition of being the most published qualitative consumer researcher of our (and any) time in consumer research, is also the originator of the videographic approach in this context. Jeff is most known in this field for his seminal works applying critical theory. The head of the Aalto School of Economics Department of Marketing professor Henrikki Tikkanen acted as my supervisor throughout the process and as custos in the defense proceedings.

In a nutshell my dissertation is about applying a Deleuzian perspective to visual ethnography in the field of consumer culture theory (CCT). I apply a Deleuzian ontology and a typology of the effectivity of the moving image to throes of embodiment to contrast expression on the audiovisual moving image with more the more conventional textual and photographic expressions. The outcome is a radical critique of representation and an invitation to infuse art and research so as to construct evocative and empathic visual ethnographies. It is a work of hope.

You can find an electronic copy here.

I am greatly indebted to my opponents, my supervisor and professor Pekka Mattila from the MediaMark initiative for supporting video work at our department. Also thanks all for showing up to my party at the Sofia Cultural Convention Center. We were over a 100, and the party went on to the early hours. It was a bit apocalyptic. Good.

Here’s some photos for (de)illumation.


Proceedings redux.

And yet more proceedings...

And on we go...

Partyward ho!

Russ gives a speech.

And so does Jeff.

And Henrikki...

As does John (among many others...)

Later in the evening...

And earlier in the morning.